9788483467459“It was one of these books that you read in school and you think it’s going to be boring. Then you read it and you’re like – wow. It is about a man, middle aged, a typical Italian. He is this paranoid, unhappy, bitter and sorrowful character who is trying to cope with life and fucking up all the time.

Italian books tend to be quite fluffy, quite nice: women stay in their place, men stay in their place. I remember this was the first time that an Italian novel was talking about someone vaguely different. It was around that time in Italy when that kind of literature started popping up. Psycho-analysis. Italianness. How the two coming together creates bitterness. Creating this form of fake masculinity which crumbles on itself.”

Set in pre-WWI Trieste, Italy. Recommended by @LiviaFilotico.

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