cover.jpg.rendition.460.707“I got really excited about ‘We Need New Names’. Even though Zimbabwe is far from Uganda, I read it and thought: this is my life! This is me! This is what we used to get up to. My childhood – the fearlessness, the wild lightness. You may have fruit back home….but somehow, fruit raided from the neighbour’s garden, who you know is going to scream at you, tastes a lot better! That kind of childhood in African writing doesn’t come through often. Most of the time we are writing about very serious issues. Gender, war, politics. But here is a childhood which is so without a care, even though it is surrounded by misery. There is pain, but she portrays it from an African point of view. Which does not ask the West to feel sorry, to come and help. They are children, they are just having fun. It was so shameless, so bold. In your face. I don’t care what the rules of English, of novels, are. I would recommend you read this.”

Set in Zimbabwe.

Recommended by Jennifer Makumbi.

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