the house of the spirits - isabel allendeIsabel Allende is a phenomenal woman. If you haven’t watched her TED talk then you should! I was first introduced to her writing through a short story in my GCSE English Anthology – there was a child and a machete and some fruit. I mostly remember colours. Flash-foward 5 years and I’m studying Allende’s ‘debut novel’ La casa de los espíritus (1982). Unlike my first fleeting adventure in an Allende-world, this experience was long and drawn-out over tens of years and generations. Still, just as they had been when I was sixteen, the sounds and colours were vivid and lasting in my mind. Only this time, instead of a village by-stander, I was another spirit in the The House of Spirits.

Set in an unnamed South American country, which is almost certainly Chile.

Recommended by @Cirque1993.

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