book-the-hilltopI loved this book, once I finally got the courage to open it. From reading the blurb, I thought it was going to be a large complex political epic, focused on an expose by a Washington Post journalist into life on a West Bank settlement. But really, it is a story about the lives of two brothers – Gavriel and Roni – who we find living together in a trailer on the isolated settlement with a few other families.

We then go back to the start. We grow up with them, watching their lives unfold on the kibbutz, through their teenage anguish, dramas and movements across the globe. The story unfolds slowly and Gavron pushes you between sympathy and disgust as you learn more about the world of the settlers. But it is a surreal book which made me laugh-out-loud so many times. For anyone interested in imagining what it might be like to live on a hilltop, with a few other people, in a consistent state of paranoia and self-satisfaction, this is a must-read.

Set in West Bank, Israel.

Recommended by @ririworld.

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