faceless killers - mankellWhen it comes to opening a window onto a place and its social problems, a good work of crime fiction can be hard to beat. Mankell, who unfortunately died last year, did this particularly well. The success of his most famous creation – Inspector Kurt Wallander – and his eerie depictions of a wintry, remote Scandinavian landscape undoubtedly laid the foundations for the recent popularity of “Nordic noir“. Faceless Killers is the first Wallander book, and critically considers immigrant integration in a country often hailed for its liberalism. The whole series is brilliant, though, and can be read in any order. The narratives are compelling, the writing clean and precise, and the character of Wallander himself wonderfully human.

Set in Ystad, a town in the county of Skåne, southern Sweden.

Recommended by @lewisalloyd.

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