Ebola '76 - amir tag elsir“It’s kind of a black comedy, this book. It’s by a Sudanese author, and he’s looking at the first wave of Ebola that hit Sudan, which was in 1976. He creates a character for the disease itself… It’s a story about how people interact and how they react under the pressures of an epidemic like Ebola, especially when there was very little known about it at the time. A lot of people have said publishing the English translation now is “timely”, but that wasn’t the idea at all – my boss actually chose to translate the book before the recent Ebola crisis. I think the thing that caught him was this idea of bringing a comic aspect to something so serious, but doing it tastefully. Which Amir Tag Elsir does – it’s a well-written book.”

Set in 1970s Sudan.

Recommended by Sherif from @DarfPublishers.

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