African Titanics - kahal“There’s been this huge outcry about migration in the past couple of years, and what African Titanics does is humanise the situation. Kahal, who’s Eritrean, spent a lot of time in Libya, in refugee camps. He got to know a lot of people, a lot of migrants, and heard their different stories. This was before the Libyan revolution, so before people started to care about migration in those parts, and the book was actually published in Arabic back in 2008. It’s about a young man’s journey through Eritrea and his efforts to get to Europe, and you really get a feel for the struggle that people have to go through in these situations. I think introducing us to these individual stories, helping us understand the situations that make people put themselves through those struggles, when they’re aware of the dangers, is very important and it’s something we don’t really hear. Kahal does that very successfully in this book.”

Set in Eritrea and beyond.

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