a little life - hanya yanagihara“This is an incredible book about four friends in New York. They’re people of colour, some of them are queer but that’s just the starting point of the story. It is a book about trauma; how you might come to live with, not come to terms with, but live with that trauma. The joys, the sorrows, the beauty, the grief. It might be the best book I’ve ever read and I cannot recommend it strongly enough. Little warning: bad things happen to people but good things happen too.

At the back of the book, all it says is: Hanya Yanagihara lives in New York. Yet at the Booker Prize, when she was asked about that, she said she really hates New York. I also lived in New York and I really didn’t like it. New York is a city where it is hard to be poor. A place where you’re privileged for your whiteness and your money. I didn’t have any money and I felt very keenly that the higher you live, the more money you have, the easier life is. I read about A Little Life in a Picador catalogue and I thought: this is a book I’ve got to read. It’s New York, it’s queer, it’s not about white people.”

Set in New York.

Recommended by @MaisieFrances.

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